The name of aquamarine comes from the Latin word “aqua” means water and “mare” means sea because of its color. It was first used by Greeks in the time period of 480 to 300 BC. But it gained popularity in the seventeenth century. It was especially worn by sailors which protects them from the anger of ocean and seasickness. In 1912 it was affiliated by American National Association of Jewelers. In the middle ages it was used for the treatment of poison to reduce its effect.
Aquamarine and bloodstone together were considered as the birthstone of the month March. This precious stone is also used for the 19th anniversary. There were many myths associated with this stone. During the middle ages, many people thought that Aquamarine had the properties to tackle bad effects of poisoning. Sailors carried this stone along with them to ensure safety in their journeys. Some even kept aquamarine stones under their pillows to ensure a good and deep sleep. Another myth which was associated with this stone was that it was used to make the lower bodies of the mermaids.