Aquamarine is a very popular gemstone having deep blue color as of the sea and light blue color as of the water. It is known as the other classic gemstones like sapphire, emerald and ruby. It comes under beryl group. Durability of this gemstone is long lasting. Aquamarine is a hard stone and has high luster but it can break if it is collided hardly. Sometimes blue topaz is easily mistaken for aquamarine because both have almost similar physical properties. But blue topaz is inexpensive compared to aquamarine. Many crooked dealers sell blue topaz in place of aquamarine at higher rates. Aquamarine is found in abundance and it does not have higher prices. But color of aquamarine affects its rate. It is a gemstone which can be creatively cut in more modern ways and can be refined in number of beautiful ways which we canít do with other gemstone.
Aquamarine is a beautiful and an expensive gemstone. It derived its name from the Latin word aqua marina which means water of the sea. It is transparent and has a lovely blue color which radiates when brought into sunlight. It is a type of beryl and exhibits the same tinge of blue which resembles the sea water. Aquamarine comes in close relation with emerald and there are many types of this stone.
It is highly expensive and not affordable by middle class people. Every one likes to procure a gemstone and Aquamarine is often desired by many people. The light blue shade of this stone makes you think of the deep blue sea and its vastness.