Geographical Distribution
They are mainly distributed in parts of Russia from where the best quality of this stone is produced. Sri Lanka is another country which has deposits of aquamarine. You can see other forms like yellow beryl in Brazil which is called aquamarine chrysolite. The element corundum gives the bluish tinge to the stone which is known as Oriental aquamarine.

It has a light blue color which symbolizes trust, harmony, piece, friendship and sympathy. It gives good feeling in relationship which helps in maintaining long lasting relations. Traditional story tells that it was originated in the treasure of a mythical character and since ancient times has been considered as lucky stone for sailors. It is treated as a divine color which gives eternal love.

The value of aquamarine specially depends upon its color intensity and clarity. As the intensity of its color increases, the price value of aquamarine is also increases. Since it occurs in large clean crystals thus the size of finished aquamarine doest not effects on its evaluation. Mostly deep blue color aquamarine gemstone has higher prices.

Brazil is the traditional producer of aquamarine but now it is also found in Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Madagascar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Tanzania and Afghanistan. All the above mentioned places mined the quality crystal of aquamarine.

Color of Aquamarine
Historical Importance of Aquamarine
Uses of Aquamarine