The name ‘Angelite’ has been derived from the Greek word ‘anhydras’ which means ‘without water’. Formation of Angelite stone is from Celestine that remained compressed for many millions of years. It is a sedimentary mineral formed in massive rock layers. The common name for Anhydrite is Angelite. Angelite is a form of sulphate. There is no water in the crystals of angelite. Extreme care is required in its handling as it gets easily scratched. If angelite is immersed in water it converts into gypsum. Hence, it should be kept away while taking bath or swimming.

Angelite occurs in white, gray as well as in blue to violet range of hues or colorless. The stone is most commonly available in pure white or pale lilac and blue-grey colors. It is also found in pale yellow, light red, mauve, gray, brown and blue colors. White colored angelite can be artificially converted into many other colors of angelite through dyeing process.

Historical Importance
Angelite was discovered by Jesuit priest some time in the year 1720. First time it was discovered in Peru, South America. This gemstone is mined in Egypt, Poland, Mexico, Germany, Libya and Britain. Angelite is mostly used as an ornamental stone. But it is both gemstone as well as ornamental stone. Although angelite was discovered earlier, yet it was adopted by New Age sect as Angelite during the time of Harmonic Convergence of 1897 in Peru.

The price of angelite varies depending on its weight, purity (carats) and status whether it is sold unfurnished, partially furnished or with complete enhancement. For example a 20 gm angelite gemstone, raw uncut, untreated and polished with 102 carat purity would cost around $10.

Angelite mines are available in New Mexico, Libya, Poland, Peru, Mexico, Egypt, Germany and Britain. It is found in different places worldwide including Canada, Chili, Italy, Nova Scotia, Poland and Montana in the United States.

Angelite is a stone of awareness and enhances understanding and compassion. The stone is associated with bringing serenity, sense of calm and inner peace. It is believed that the stone dispels anxiety, anger and fear and enhances a feeling of forgiveness. Use of angelite helps in communication and self-expression. Energy pathway is unblocked using angelite by the healers. It is believed to be helpful in telepathy and communicating with angels. The stone is associated with third eye, ethric crown chakra and throat and zodiac sign of Aquarius. It is believed that wearing angelite helps in controlling weight, alleviating pain and treating thyroid.

Strength of Angelite