Amethyst is a precious stone which is commonly used in jewelry. It is costly and not easily available on earths crust. This precious stone derived its name from the Greek word a-methustos which means not intoxicated. People wear this stone on their body in the form of rings or chains in the belief that amethyst protects the person from alcohol addiction. In the ancient times, Romans and Greeks used to make vessels from this beautiful stone to avoid intoxicating effects.
It is difficult for a common man to know the difference between a real gem and a fake stone. Be cautious when you buy this stone because shop owners can easily deceive you which will result in purchasing an unreal gem.

It is easy to identify the stone because amethysts possess a deep violet color which radiates when exposed to sunlight. The common variety of this stone is known as Deep Siberian which has 80 percent violet and 20 percent blue color. The combination can vary in between red and blue. While some gems exhibit violet and blue, others exhibit violet and red. There are some stones which present all the three colors making it appear tempting and lovely.

The hardness of amethyst recorded on Mohrs scale is 7. This makes the stone suitable for jewelry purpose.

It is included in the list of precious gemstones along with emerald, ruby, diamond and sapphire. Nowadays it has lost its value considerably because a large deposit was discovered in Brazil. Deep Russian which is the rarest kind of amethyst is still in demand because there are very few sources from which this stone is available.

Historical Importance
This stone was initially used by the Greek people to avoid intoxication. There are myths involved in the origin of the stone. According to the story, the origin of this precious metal was from a beautiful maiden named Amethystos. This stone acts as a strong antidote against alcohol intoxication.

Amethyst is available in the country of Brazil. It is mainly found in the state of Minas Gerais where there are volcanic rocks and geodes. They are also mined in the Southern parts of Korea. The largest source of this stone is in Lower Austria. If you want finer forms of amethyst, you have to import them from Russia.

Uses of Amethyst